His images are dramatic with an almost painting like character that qualify him for campaigns that aim for the "big" impression.after working some years as a photographer in the Netherlands, it was Jung v. Matt Hamburg who discovered his work in a photography awards book and launched his international career which has led him to work for the best advertising agencies on prestigious international clients. For a few years now Ebo has successfully extended his visual language by moving images, with great results.

Jan Deubel Berlin


MARCUS WESSON creative director Omelet LA

your images turned out great, the client loves the pieces!

ARMIN JOCHEM creative chief THJNK Germany

fantastic great, boombastic, your eternal fan!


DHL, Fiat, BMW, Canon, GEO, Conde Nast, Hoya, Opel, Swiss Army, Victorinox, Honda, ABN, TUI, VW, Mercedes, DDB, BBDO, Etcetera, Havas, Team One, TBWA, Marcel, FHV, Jung v. Matt, BNT, BSUR, Grabarz, etc.


Gold lion, Bronze lion, European effie's, Epica, Eurobest, PANL/DuPho,  AOP London

DIMITRI GUERASSIMOV creative director Marcel paris

thank you again for brilliant work you've done!


Ebo Fraterman's commissions take him all over the world. Utilizing his ever growing expertise on photography & film and his keen eye for land- and cityscape beauty, Ebo shares his wonderment of the world, taking us along on his visual journeys.


If you like to purchase an artprint from one of the images on the site, just send a mail to info@ebofraterman.com